If you don’t ask, they don’t give

Attention Competition and the Need to Persist in Asking

Just a simple reminder. You know it to be true. One way to apply this simple fact is to not be afraid of an aggressive ask schedule. On the one hand, you don’t want to be annoying. You don’t want to be a pest. On the other hand, every communication you send to your donors comes to them in a thick cloud of attention competition. Lots of messages come at them all the time, through many channels. Your message needs to not just be good. It needs to come at them again and again. Often. In different ways.

Just keep this in view: attention competition. How will your message stand out? What will make it be the one that is not ignored? As the stream of messages flows past the eyes, ears, or brain of your donors, what will make them stop and devote actual attention – and then action – to yours?

love, joy, peace … Michael

www.michaeljaffarian.com. Michael is a freelance consultant to nonprofits, with an emphasis on research. Contact him for a free, one-hour consultation. emichaeljaffarian@gmail.com.

Vol. 1 No. 26