Peter Drucker has something he wants to tell you

Three Aspects of Strategy & the Need for Research in All, by Peter Drucker

Here’s another bit from the brilliant scholar of organizational management, Peter Drucker. From Managing the Nonprofit Organization, p. 99. The chapter, “Summary: The Action Implications” opens with a discussion about the need for strategy. A nonprofit needs:

1.      A marketing strategy for the “customers” – the people the organization is trying to serve.

2.      A strategy for constant improvement and innovation. Improvement is milder than innovation, but they overlap.

3.      A strategy to build the donor base.

Then this sentence: “All three of these strategies begin with research and research and more research.” Very true. Don’t try to form these strategies from a GIOT (General Impression Of Things” understanding. Get facts. It takes work to get facts. It requires an investment of time, and money, guided by expertise.

I can help with that.

love, joy, peace … Michael Michael is a freelance consultant to nonprofits, with an emphasis on research. Contact him for a free, one-hour consultation.

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