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Each issue of this little newsletter offers something that leaders of nonprofits will find useful, instructive, or informative. I try to write it in a way that is clear, concise, engaging, and fun. For some issues I draw from current, published research of interest to nonprofits. For others I draw from my extensive and erudite reading in current and classic literature on nonprofits, philanthropy, and organizational development. Others come from my own experience in serving as a consultant to nonprofits, in leading a nonprofit, in serving in the nonprofit world for 33 years, and in working as a professional researcher, and .

(Did he just call himself ‘erudite’? Who does that?) Anyhow, it’s little. It shows up each Tuesday, takes only a couple of minutes to read, and you’ll enjoy it and learn something useful. Usually. Hopefully.

I’m from Oregon and I live here now, but my career sort of began in Singapore, where I led a thriving nonprofit that experienced rapid growth under my leadership, (my board should get most of the credit). Then I got into research, and have published 120+ articles, reviews, and book contributions. Some of them are actually quite good. I worked on major book projects that include the World Christian Encyclopedia and Operation World.

For many years, fundraising was a side job for me, and I’ve raised about $3.6 million. Now I’m working as a consultant to nonprofits, with an emphasis on research. If you want to know more, check out my website or my LinkedIn page.

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Michael Jaffarian

From Oregon. Lived & worked in LA, Singapore, Virginia, London. Nonprofit executive & researcher. 130+ published articles & etc. Now a nonprofit consultant with an emphasis on research. Reader, runner, gardener, artist, writer, Dodgers fan.