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My career has been in the nonprofit world. I led a thriving nonprofit that experienced rapid growth under my leadership, in Singapore (my board should get most of the credit). Then I got into research, and have published 120+ articles, reviews, and book contributions. Some of them are actually quite good. I worked on major book projects that include the World Christian Encyclopedia and Operation World. Fundraising was always a side job for me, and over the years I’ve raised about $3.6 million. Now I’m working as a consultant to nonprofits, with an emphasis on research.

I read a lot. I have interesting clients, that I learn from. I have conversations with smart, wise, and good people (like you). This ezine draws from what I have done, seen, heard, read, and learned. I try to make it interesting and practical, and I definitely try to keep it brief, as in “little.” The plan is to send a new one every Tuesday, and sometimes a bonus one on Fridays.

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